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Keyword: positron

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The PEP Storage Ring-Current Status injection, luminosity, single-bunch, tune 1989
  • J.R. Rees
The Slac-Linac-Collider (SLC) Project damping, electron, emittance, linac 2016
  • H. Wiedemann
A New Generation Control System at SLAC accelerator, damping, electron, linac 2142
  • R. Melen
Approximate Physical Treatment of the Beam-Beam Effects electron, luminosity, resonance, tune 2402
  • L.C. Teng
The Radiofrequency-Systems of PIA coupling, impedance, injection, vacuum 2898
  • W. Ebeling, H. Gerke, H. Hartwig, M. Nagl, H.P. Scholz, M. Sommerfeld, A. Zolfaghari
Design Features and Operational Characteristics of the PEP Beam-Transport and Injection System beam-transport, electron, injection, quadrupole 3059
  • J.M. Peterson, K.L. Brown, J.B. Truher
A Mathematical Model for Positron-Emission Tomography Systems Having Time-of-Flight Measurements algorithms, crystal, photon, radioactivity 3575
  • D.L. Snyder, M.M. Ter-Pogossian, L.J. Thomas Jr.