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Keyword: neutron

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High-Intensity Deuteron Linear Accelerator (FMIT) accelerator, focusing, linac, quadrupole 2986
  • R.A. Jameson
Particle Accelerators in Cancer Therapy - Current Status and Overview of the Planned Program for Heavy Particle Therapy accelerator, electron, photon, radiation 2992
  • J.R. Stewart
Commissioning of the Argonne Intense Pulsed Neutron Source (IPNS-I) Accelerator acceleration, accelerator, injection, septum 3006
  • A.V. Rauchas, F.R. Brumwell, G.J. Volk
Intense Pulsed Neutron Source (IPNS-I) Accelerator 500 MeV Fast Kickers accelerator, ferrite, kicker, vacuum 3024
  • D.E. Suddeth, G.J. Volk
A Preconceptual Accelerator-Breeder Design for Fissile Material and Energy Production coupling, spallation, target, thermal 3048
  • P.S.K. Lam
RTNS-II Neutron Sources: Status Report acceleration, accelerator, ion, target 3058
  • J.C. Davis, D.W. Heikkinen, J.L. Held, C.M. Logan, J.E. Osher
The TRIUMF Thermal Neutron Facility shielding, target, thermal, vacuum 3061
  • J.J. Burgerjon, A.S. Arrott, R.E. Blaby, T.A. Hodges, R.R. Langstaff, T.L. Templeton, I.M. Thorson
The Fermilab Cancer Therapy Facility: Status Report After 2.5 Years of Operation ion, photon, radiation, target 3068
  • M. Awschalom, L. Grumboski, A.F. Hrejsa, G.M. Lee, I. Rosenberg
A Superconducting Storage Ring for Very Slow Neutrons field, focusing, injection, sextupole 3152
  • K.J. Kügler, W. Paul, U. Trinks
Versatile H+ Beam Chopper System at LAMPF cathode, chopper, injection, proton 3433
  • J.S. Lunsford, R.F. Bentley, G.P. Lawrence
Neutral Beam Injection for a Proton Storage Ring field, injection, ion, proton 3556
  • D.W. Hudgings
Collective Ion Acceleration in the Vacuum System with Insulated Anode acceleration, cathode, electron, ion 4248
  • V.M. Bistritsky, A.N. Didenko, Ya.E. Krasik, V.S. Lopatin, V.I. Podkatov
Fault-Tolerant Techniques for Radiation Environments radiation 4320
  • R.C. DeVries