Meson Factories, Collective Accelerators, Intense Beams

Title Page
Meson Factories - 1977 1605
  • D.C. Hagerman
High Power Accelerators for Spallation Breeders of Fissile Material 1611
  • J.S. Fraser
Improvements to the Beam Properties of the TRIUMF Cyclotron 1615
  • M.K. Craddock, E.W. Blackmore, G. Dutto, C.J. Kost, G.H. MacKenzie, P. Schmor
The SIN Accelerators, Operational Experience and Improvement Programs 1618
  • W. Joho, M. Olivo, T. Stammbach, H. Willax
The Experiment 'Pustarex' for Collective Acceleration of Heavy Ions in Electron Rings 1622
  • C. Adelfinger, E. Buchelt, W. Dommaschk, J. Fink, W. Herrmann, I. Hofmann, D. Jacobi, A. Luccio, P. Merkel, H.-B. Schilling, A. Schlüter, U. Schumacher, M. Ulrich
Controlled Collective Field Propagation for Ion Acceleration Using a Slow Wave Structure 1625
  • C.N. Boyer, W.W. Destler, H. Kim
The Autoaccelerator - A Generator for Producing a High Energy Intense Relativistic Electron Beam by the Autoacceleration Process 1628
  • J.K. Burton, D. Conte, M. Friedman, T. O'Connell, J. Shipman
Performance and Prospects of the Reconstructed CERN 600 MeV Synchro-Cyclotron 1631
  • B.W. Allardyce, H. Beger, R. Galiana, R. Giannini, E.G. Michaelis, S. Talas
Operation Status of the Nevis Synchrocyclotron 1634
  • D.W. Storm, Y. Au, R.C. Cohen, W. Diamond, H. Dowds, G. Dugan, R. Hawrylak, P. Mandel, J. Rainwater, A.M. Sachs, J. Shill, R. Werbin
Computer Simulation of Collective Ion Acceleration by Discrete Cyclotron Modes 1637
  • R.J. Faehl, B.B. Godfrey, B.S. Newberger, W.R. Shanahan, L.E. Thode
Transient Operation of Electron Linacs 1640
  • W.J. Gallagher
Observation and Suppression of Radial Beam Blowup in the Maryland ERA 1642
  • W.W. Destler, D.W. Hudgings, M.J. Rhee
Linear Collective Effect Acceleration in the Presence of a Strong Axial Magnetic Field 1645
  • D.C. Straw, R.B. Miller
Collective Ion Acceleration in a Traveling Virtual Cathode 1648
  • R.B. Miller, R.J. Faehl, T.C. Genoni, W.A. Proctor
Some Parameters of an Electron Accelerator Powered by a Laser Beam 1651
  • F. Scarlat, M. Argesanu
Developments at TRIUMF 1653
  • G. Dutto, J.L. Beveridge, E.W. Blackmore, M.K. Craddock, K.L. Erdman, D.P. Gurd, C.J. Kost, G.H. MacKenzie, P.A. Reeve, J.R. Richardson, J.T. Sample, P. Schmor, M. Zach
Recent Results of the University of Maryland Research Program on Collective Ion Accelerators 1656
  • W.W. Destler, D.W. Hudgings, H. Kim, M. Reiser, M.J. Rhee, C.D. Striffler, G.T. Zorn
Collective Acceleration Investigations with the Ionization Front Accelerator 1659
  • C.L. Olson, A. Owyoung, J.S. Pearlman, J.W. Poukey, J.P. VanDevender
Electrostatic Collective Ion Acceleration in the Evacuated Drift Tube Geometry 1662
  • R.F. Hoeberling, R.B. Miller, D.N. Payton III, D.C. Straw
Collective Ion Acceleration and Power Balance in Intense Electron Beams in Neutral Gas 1665
  • B. Ecker, S. Putnam
Magnetic Compression and Electrostatic Reflection on Very High / Electron Beams 1668
  • D.A. Phelps, R.W. Clark, P. Korn
A Storage Device for Relativistic Electrons Consisting of a Phase-Free Cavity Resonator and Two Magnetic Mirrors 1671
  • W. Schott, H. Daniel, H. Zinner