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Keyword: scattering

Title Other Keywords Page
Magnetic Field Measurement and Spectroscopy in Multipole Fields field, multipole, quadrupole, spectrum 395
  • J.K. Cobb, J. J. Muray
Problems in the Design of Cryogenic Target Facilities for Electron Scattering Experiments electron, radiation, target, thermal 519
  • H. F. Kaiser
Electronic Instrumentation at the R.P.I. Linac instrumentation, ion, linac, neutron 530
  • R. Fullwood, W. A. Bryant, D. E. Kraus
Production of Stopped Pions and Muons from a Multi-BeV Proton Synchrotron muon, pion, proton, target 943
  • V. W. Hughes, R. D. Edge
Recent Developments on the Stanford 500MeV Electron Storage Rings electron, injection, instability, linac 1033
  • B. Gittelman