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Keyword: induction

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Zero Gradient Synchrotron RF System cathode, ferrite, field, synchrotron 133
  • L. A. Klaisner, R. E. Daniels, J.H. Martin, J. McDonnell, J. R. Simanton, J. Stephenson, T. Stockdale, C. B. Turner, R. A. Winje, T. de Parry
Pole Face Shape Design in High-Energy Accelerators field, focusing, synchrotron, vacuum 387
  • C. C. Iliescu
Experience with Computer Models of Two-Dimensional Magnets field, proton, radiation, vacuum 412
  • J. H. Dorst
Electronic Peakers cathode, feedback, injection, synchrotron 434
  • W. Michaelson
Electrostatic Induction Electrode Systems for Beam-Position Detection field, radiation 925
  • A. J. Sherwood