EPAC1994 Keywords
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Keyword: algorithms

Title Other Keywords Page
Requirements and Trends in the Control of Accelerators accelerator, acceptance, feedback, software 332
  • J. Poole (CERN)
Goal Programming Algorithms for Closed Orbit Correction accelerator, cyclotron, extraction, field 920
  • W. Herr, J. Miles (CERN)
Simulation of 4-Turn Algorithms for Reconstructing Lattice Optic Functions from Orbit Measurements booster, lattice, optics, tune 929
  • S. Koscielniak (TRIUMF), A. Iliev (INR, Moscow)
Longitudinal Coupling Impedance of a Bellows and a Ceramic Gap in a Circular Beam Pipe for the Advanced Photon Source accelerator, coupling, impedance, photon 1336
  • J. J. Song, P. J. Matthews, J. Zhou (ANL)
Algorithms for Orbit Control on SPEAR electron, feedback, photon, spectrum 1583
  • J. Corbett, R. Hettel, D. Keeley, I. Linscott, J. Sebek (SLAC)
On Analysis of On-line Adjustment Procedures accelerator, cyclotron, field, instability 1752
  • A. Mayorov, A. Samoylov, B. Volkov (IHEP, Protvino)
Digital Control of RTM LINAC RF System with DSP accelerator, electron, feedback, linac 1845
  • A. S. Chepurnov, K. A. Gudkov, A. V. Shumakov (INP, Moscow State University)
Program Complex for High Energy Hadron Transport Calculations to Solve Radiation Problems in Accelerators hadron, radiation, scattering, shielding 2588
  • D. V. Gorbatkov, V. P. Kryuchkov, O. V. Sumaneev (IHEP, Protvino), A. M. Voloschenko (Keldysh Institute)