EPAC1988 Keywords
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Keyword: timing

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Magnet Exciting System with Dual Resonant Frequency Circuit acceleration, accelerator, injection, synchrotron 923
  • T. Adachi, H. Sasaki, H. Someya (KEK)
Operational Software for Multicycling the CERN Super Proton Synchrotron accelerator, betatron, proton, software 951
  • R. Bailey, J. Ulander, I. Wilkie (CERN)
Modulation of the Lepton Production for the CERN LEP Pre-Injector accelerator, gun, linac, software 1084
  • G. P. Benincasa, P. Burla, L. Casalegno, A. Daneels, J. P. Delahaye, B. Frammery, F. Giudici, I. Kamber, J. Lewis, P. Schenkels, Ch. Serre, C. -H. Sicard (CERN)
Advanced Concepts in Accelerator Timing Control accelerator, booster, field, linac 1087
  • R. Frankel, C. Salwen (BNL)
The AGS Booster Control System accelerator, booster, extraction, ion 1090
  • R. Frankel, E. Auerbach, T. Clifford, B. Culwick, S. Mandell, R. Mariotti, C. Salwen, N. Schumburg (BNL)
High Voltage Power Supply for Electrostatic Kickers for CRYRING heavy-ion, injection, kicker, synchrotron 1217
  • M. Kvarngren (Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm), M. A. K. Eriksson (Research Institute of Physics, Stockholm Sweden)
Conversion of the SPS to a Multicycling Accelerator accelerator, controls, lepton, proton 1231
  • C. G. Beetham, L. Burnod, R. J. Lauckner, J. F. Miles, G. Mugnai, C. G. Saltmarsh, D. H. Thomas (CERN)
Dialog: A System for Instrumentation Diagnosis accelerator, diagnostics, instrumentation, software 1269
  • A. Burns, J. Menu (CERN)
The SIS-Beam Diagnostic System diagnostics, modulator, pick-up, vacuum 1413
  • P. Strehl, H. Vilhjalmsson (GSI)