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Keyword: quench

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The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) in the LEP Tunnel field, injection, luminosity, proton 218
  • G. Brianti (CERN)
The SSC Project collider, field, multipole, site 237
  • J. Peoples (SSCL)
Operational Experience with the Distributed Control System of the Milan Superconducting Cyclotron accelerator, cyclotron, field, vacuum 1111
  • A. Amato, M. Castro, G. Cuttone, D. Giove, A. Paccalini, G. Rivoltella (LASA-INFN and Department of Physics Milan, INFN-LNS Catania)
On Niobium Sputter Coated Cavities cathode, electron, sputter, vacuum 1187
  • G. Arnolds-Mayer, U. Kaufmann (Dornier Friedrichshafen), H. Downar, T. Friesen (University of Konstanz)
The Electrical Test of a Short String of Superconducting HERA Type Magnets accelerator, coupling, proton, thermal 1272
  • K. -H. Me (DESY)
The Test of the Quench Protection Diodes for HERA accelerator, acceptance, radiation, thermal 1275
  • K. H. Mess (DESY)
High Electromagnetic Fields at Low RF Losses in Superconducting S-Band Accelerator Cavities accelerator, electron, field, thermal 1289
  • G. Müller, H. Piel, J. Pouryamout, R. W. Röth (Fachbereich Physik, Bergische Universität Wuppertal)
Nb3Sn for Superconducting Accelerators at 4.2 K accelerator, coupling, field, vacuum 1295
  • M. Peiniger, G. Müller, H. Piel, P. Thüns (Fachbereich Physik, Universität Gesamthochschule Wuppertal)
Recent Extensions of the Program Magnus-3D for Three-Dimensional Accelerator Magnetic Engineering accelerator, collider, field, finite element 1315
  • A. M. Ferrari, S. Pissanetzky (Texas Accelerator Center)
Experiment of the First Prototypes of Pipe Cooled 500 MHz Cavities from Explosion Bonded Niobium Copper electron, field, thermal, vacuum 1430
  • B. Dwersteg, W. -D. Möller, D. Proch (DESY), U. Klein, A. Palussek, H. Vogel (Interatom GmbH, Bergisch Gladbach)