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Keyword: optics

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Commissioning of Super-ACO injection, lifetime, quadrupole, undulator 46
  • E. M. Sommer, J. C. Besson, P. Certain, A. Daël, A. Damany, P. Juan, A. Labéque, M. P. Level, P. C. Marin, J. Michaut, C. Monet-Descombey, P. Nghiem, R. Souchet, H. Zyngier (Laboratoire pour 1'Utilisation du Rayonnement Electromagnétique)
The -CHARM Factory Storage Ring factory, injection, insertion, luminosity 368
  • J. M. Jowett (CERN)
The Bypass Project at DORIS II acceptance, emittance, insertion, synchrotron 389
  • W. Brefeld, H. Nesemann, J. Robach (DESY)
Conceptual Design of a Ring Beauty Factory damping, emittance, luminosity, wiggler 467
  • A. N. Dubrovin, A. N. Skrinsky, G. M. Tumaikin, A. A. Zholents (INP, Novosibirsk)
Optics Effects & Options for TeV Colliders - II accelerator, emittance, linac, octupole 481
  • J. E. Spencer, B. Zotter (CERN)
Exhaustive Search of Field Defect Compensation and Reading Errors in A. G. Machines alignment, betatron, field, quadrupole 654
  • D. Brandt, A. Verdier (CERN)
Magnet Ramping with Variable Optics in the SIS field, focusing, quadrupole, tune 681
  • B. Franczak (GSI Darmstadt)
Optics Perturbations due to Discontinuous Replacement of Radiated Energy alignment, field, lattice, tune 693
  • G. Guignard, Y. Marti (CERN)
Status of the SSC Lattice Design focusing, injection, lattice, quadrupole 723
  • A. A. Garren, D. E. Johnson (SSCL)
Polarization Simulation Studies for LEP polarization, resonance, simulation, tune 746
  • J. P. Koutchouk (CERN)
Beam Optics of a Dipole Fringe Field field 854
  • L. Sagalovsky (Univ. of Illinois and Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory)
Computer Aided Beam Diagnostics and Automatic Matching on the MAINZ Microtron focusing, fringe fields, injection, microtron 1205
  • H. -J. Kreidel (Institut für Kernphysik de Univ. Mainz)
Beam Diagnostics Using Variations of Local Magnetic Fields field, quadrupole, sextupole, tune 1214
  • P. Kuske, H. -G Hoberg, J. Machado, R. Maier, A. Schiele (BESSY GmbH, Berlin)
Multicycling of the CERN-SPS: Supercycle Generation and First Experience with this Mode of Operation field, injection, lepton, proton 1372
  • K. Cornelis, W. Herr, R. Schmidt (CERN)
A Project of Tandem Accelerator Mass Spectrometry Facility at Peking University acceleration, injection, ion, sputter 1471
  • K. Li, C.-E. Chen, T. Chen, Z. Guo, H. Liu, S. Yan, R. Zhang, S. Zheng (Peking University), H. Si (Shanghai Institute of Nuclear Research, Academia Sinica, Shanghai)
Deflection Systems in Medical Linacs field, focusing, radiation, x-ray 1494
  • L. Sagalovsky (Siemens)