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Kuznetsov, G.I.

Paper Title Page

 Status of Work on 5 MeV 300 kW Industrial Electron Accelerator Prototype 

  • V.V.Tarnetsky, V.L.Auslender, K.N.Chernov, V.G.Cheskidov, B.L.Factorovich, V.A.Gorbunov, I.V.Gornakov, M.V.Korobejnikov, G.I.Kuznetsov, A.N.Lukin, I.G.Makarov, S.A.Maksimov, N.V.Matyash, G.N.Ostreiko, A.D.Panfilov, G.V.Serdobintsev, A.V.Sidorov, M.A.Tiunov, V.O.Tkachenko, A.A.Tuvik
    Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics, Novosibirsk, Russia

New industrial accelerator prototype with electron energy up to 5 MeV, average beam power of 300 kW, and duty factor of 14% is under construction at Budker INP. The work is supported by ISTC (Project #2550). At present, the design work is completed, the accelerating structure is under production at INP workshop. The paper presents a general description of the accelerator, its block diagram, and experimental results obtained at recent tests of the accelerating structure and injection unit.



 200 KeV Pulsed Electron Beam Source For The VEPP-5 Injection Complex 

  • V.E.Akimov, A.V.Ivanov, I.V.Kazarezov, A.A.Korepanov, IA.V.Kulenko, G.I.Kuznetsov, M.I.Tiunov
    Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics, Novosibirsk, Russia

The pulsed electron beam source on voltage 200 kV and current 10 A with half-height pulse duration 3 ns is described. The gun is based on the dispenser cathode with 20 mm diameter. The current control is performed by means of molybdenum grid with the cell size 0.4x0.4 mm and optical transparency of about 0.7. The numerical optimization of cathode-grid unit is carried out. The experimental results obtained are in good agreement with project parameters.