Vacuum Technology

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Vacuum Technology for Superconducting Colliders 3828
  • A.G. Mathewson (CERN)
Dynamic Vacuum in the Beam Tube of the SSCL Collider - Cold Beam Tube and Liner Options 3833
  • W.C. Turner (SSCL)
Distributed Ion Pump Testing for PEP-II, Asymmetric B-Factory Collider 3836
  • M. Calderon, W. Barletta, F. Holdener, D. Petersen (LLNL), C. Foerster (BNL)
High Capacity Getter Pump for UHV Operation 3839
  • P. Manini, F. Belloni, M. Marino, M. Porro (SAES Getters)
ELETTRA Vacuum System 3842
  • M. Bernardini, F. Daclon, F. Giacuzzo, J. Miertusova, F. Pradal (Sincrotrone Trieste), R. Kersevan (SSCL)
Vacuum Chamber and Crotch Absorber for the SPring-8 Storage Ring Vacuum System 3845
  • K. Watanabe, S.H. Be, Y. Oikawa, H.A. Sakaue, Y. Wang, C.Y. Xu, S. Yokouchi (JAERI-RIKEN), Y. Yanagi (Hitachi Ltd.), M. Tsuchiya (IHI Japan), S. Takahashi (Kobe Steel)
SYNRAD, a Montecarlo Synchrotron Radiation Ray-Tracing Program 3848
  • R. Kersevan (SSCL)
Vacuum System Design of the MIT-Bates South Hall Ring 3851
  • E. Ihloff, R. Averill, J. Flanz, K. Jacobs, S. Sobczynski, D. Wang, A. Zolfaghari (MIT-Bates)
Design of Vacuum Chambers for Experimental Regions of Colliding Beam Machines 3854
  • C. Hauviller (CERN)
Distributed Non-Evaporable Getter Pumps for the Storage Ring of the APS 3857
  • R. Dortwegt, R. Benaroya (ANL)
Test Fabrication of a Copper Beam Duct for the KEK B-Factory 3860
  • Y. Suetsugu, K. Kanazawa (KEK)
FNAL Main Injector Quadrupole Vacuum Chamber 3863
  • L. Sauer (FNAL)
FNAL Main Injector Dipole Installation Equipment 3864
  • K. Moravec, F. Lange, J. Leibfritz, L. Sauer (FNAL)
Solvents and Pumpdown Characteristics of SRF Nb Cavities 3867
  • M.G. Rao, H. F. Dylla, P. Kneisel (CEBAF)
Leak Checker Data Acquisition System 3870
  • J. Payne, J. Gannon (SSCL)
Theoretical and Experimental Study of Sorption Processes on Non Evaporable Getters St 707 3873
  • J. Miertusova, F. Daclon (Sincrotrone Trieste)
Photodesorption Experiments on SSC Collider Beam Tube Configurations 3876
  • I. Maslennikov, W. Turner (SSCL), V. Anashin, O. Malyshev, V. Nazmov, V. Osipov, V. Pindyurin, A. Salimov (BINP), C. Foerster, C. Lanni (BNL)
The Heat Load of an 80 K Liner for the SSC 3879
  • J. Maddocks, A. Yücel (SSCL)
Design of Large Aperture, Low Mass Vacuum Windows 3882
  • W.J. Leonhardt, M. Mapes (BNL)
Observation and Analysis for Motions of Trapped Microparticles in the TRISTAN Accumulation Ring 3885
  • H. Saeki (Japan SRRI), H. Ishimaru (KEK), T. Momose (Miyagi)
Overview of an 80 K Liner Design for Synchrotron Light Interception in SSCL Collider 3888
  • Q.S. Shu, W. Chou, D. Clark, W. Clay, Y. Goren, R. Kersevan, V. Kovachev, P. Kraushaar, K. Leung, J. Maddocks, D. Martin, D. Meyer, R. Mihelic, G. Morales, J. Simmons, G. Snitchler, M. Tuli, W. Turner, L. Walling, K. Yu, J. Zbasnik (SSCL)
Thermal Model and Associated Novel Approach for Synchrotron Radiation Liner with End Cooling 3891
  • Q.S. Shu, W. Clay, J. Maddocks, G. Morales, K. Yu, J. Zbasnik (SSCL)
Design of ECR Ion Source Vacuum Systems 3894
  • J. Pivarc (JINR, Dubna)
Development of Distributed Ion Pumps for g-2 Beam Vacuum System 3897
  • H.C. Hseuh, M. Mapes, L. Snydstrup (BNL)
What Joining Method for the New Generation of Accelerators (SSC and LHC) 3900
  • R. Gillier (Helicoflex), M. Lefrancois, J. Montuclard, Ch. Rouaud (LeCarbone-Lorraine France)
Surface Treatments and Photodesorption of Oxygen Free Copper Used in an Accelerator 3903
  • T. Kobari, M. Matumoto, S. Ueda (MERL Hitachi), Y. Hori, M. Kobayashi (KEK)
The DANE Main Ring Vacuum System 3906
  • V. Chimenti, A. Clozza, H. Hsieh, G. Raffone, C. Vaccarezza (INFN-LNF)
VacuumTracking 3909
  • V. Ziemann (SLAC)