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Keyword: dielectric

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High Power X-Band Coaxial Amplifier Experiments coupling, electron, field, simulation 728
  • T.J. Davis, J.A. Nation
New Design Concepts for Ferrite-Tuned Low-Energy-Booster Cavities acceleration, booster, ferrite, field 748
  • G. Schaffer
Measurements of High-Temperature RF and Microwave Properties of Selected Aluminas and Ferrites Used in Accelerators accelerator, electron, ferrite, field 795
  • R.M. Hutcheon, F.P. Adams, P. Lucuta, J.E. McGregor, B.H. Smith, M.S. de Jong
Method of Longitudinal Impedance Measurement for Accelerator Elements in Wide Frequency Region Using Double Fourier Transform accelerator, hadron, impedance, vacuum 1014
  • P. Reinhardt-Nikulin, S. Bragin, N. Ilinsky
High Gradient Experiments by the ATF accelerator, field, klystron, spectrum 2061
  • S. Takeda, M. Akemoto, H. Hayano, H. Matsumoto, T. Naito
Production of Superconducting Niobium Cavities for CEBAF accelerator, electron, field, site 2390
  • M. Dzenus, K. Iversen, D. Kiehlmann, M. Peiniger
Modelling of the Transverse Mode Suppressor for Dielectric Wake-Field Accelerator accelerator, damping, field, wakefield 2554
  • W. Gai, C.-H. Ho
An Interactive Code SUPERLANS for Evaluation of RF-Cavities and Acceleration Structures acceleration, accelerator, field, ion 3002
  • D.G. Myakishev, V.P. Yakovlev