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Keyword: collimation

Title Other Keywords Page
Optimizing a Nonlinear Collimation System for Future Linear Colliders resistive wall, sextupole, skew, wakefield 219
  • N. Merminga, R. Helm, J. Irwin, R.D. Ruth
Collimator Simulation for the TRIUMF KAON Factory Using DIMAD booster, factory, proton, scattering 357
  • U. Wienands, F.W. Jones, C.P. Parfitt
Recent Experience with Backgrounds at the SLC background, collider, linac, synchrotron 834
  • R. Jacobsen, H. Band, T. Barklow, A. Bazarko, K. Brown, D. Burke, D. Coupal, H. DeStaebler, D. Fujino, C. Hearty, S. Hertzbach, J. Jaros, T. Maruyama, T. Tauchi, N. Toge, J. Turk, S. Wagner, C. Zeitlin