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Keyword: accumulation

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Compensation of Coherent Tune Shift of Betatron Oscillation in Storage Rings betatron, damping, field, tune 529
  • V.V. Parkhomchuk, A.A. Sery, V.D. Shiltsev
Sliding Mode Controller for RF Cavity Tuning Loop accelerator, booster, feedback, simulation 783
  • L.K. Mestha, K.S. Yeung
First Two Years Operational Experience with LEP commissioning, electron, luminosity, tune 848
  • R. Bailey, T. Bohl, F. Bordry, H. Burkhardt, P. Collier, K. Cornelis, B. Desforges, A. Faugier, V. Hatton, H. Laeger, J. Miles, J. Poole, H. Schmickler, D. Vandeplassche, G. de Rijk
RF Pulses with Flat Output Waveform Generator in RF Power Upgrade System coupling, electron, field, linac 1048
  • B.Y. Bogdanovich, A.P. Ignatyev, V.A. Senyukov
SSC Dipole Quench Protection Heater Test Results accelerator, collider, quench 2215
  • C. Haddock, R. Bossert, J. DiMarco, T. Jaffery, R. Jayakumar, J. Kuzminski, M. Lamm, P. Mazur, F. Meyer, D. Orris, J. Strait, G. Tool