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Keyword: crystal

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Advanced Light Source Master Oscillator accelerator, light source, linac, spectrum 118
  • C.C. Lo, K. Baptiste, B. Taylor
X-Ray RF System Upgrade at the NSLS field, impedance, vacuum, x-ray 141
  • J. Keane, H. Ackerman, J. Aspenleiter, W. Broome, S. Buda, R. D'Alsace, P. Mortazavi, G. Ramirez, M. Thomas
High Power Traveling Wave Amplifier Experiments electron, field, radiation, waveguide 150
  • J.A. Nation, J.D. Ivers, G.S. Kerslick, D. Shiffler
Study of a Positron Source Generated by Photons from Ultrarelativistic Channeled Particles electron, photon, positron, radiation 283
  • R. Chehab, X. Artru, F. Chouchot, A.R. Nyaiesh, F. Richard
Single Electron Beams from the LEP Pre-Injector acceptance, electron, gun, spectrum 298
  • B. Frammery, R. Clare, H. Kugler, P. Lecog, D. Luckey, D. Pearce, J.P. Potier, A. Riche, L. Rinolfi
Temperature and Field Dependence of the RF Surface Resistance of High Tc Materials accelerator, coupling, field, superconductivity 488
  • D. Moffatt, K. Green, J. Kirchgessner, H. Padamsee, D. Rubin, J. Sears, Q.S. Shu
The Development of Plasma Lenses for Linear Colliders focusing, ion, plasma, scattering 627
  • J. Norem, D. Cline, B. Cole, H. Figureoa, W. Gai, M. Gunderson, T. Katsouleas, G. Kirkman, S. Mtingwa, C. Nantista, S. Rajagopalan, J. Rosenzweig, P. Schoessow, J. Simpson
Applicaton of Novel Material in Crystal Accelerator Concepts accelerator, ion 630
  • B. Newberger, B.C. Covington, F.R. Huson, W. Mackay, N.K. Mahale, S. Ohnuma, J.R. Payne, T. Tajima, Z.G. Zou
A Schottky Receiver for Non-Perturbative Tune Monitoring in the Tevatron antiproton, betatron, proton, tune 1483
  • D. Martin, P. Cliff, B. Fellenz, B. Horton, G. Jackson, D. McConnell, R. Shafer, R. Siemann
Architecture and Performance of the New CESR Control System controls, electron, linac, software 1687
  • C.R. Strohman, S.B. Peck
Microprocessor Based Power Supply Control System CAMAC, background, instrumentation, software 1990
  • R.S. Rumrill