PAC1987 Keywords
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Keyword: modulator

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Communication System for the TRISTAN Accelerators CAMAC, accelerator, accumulation, controls 679
  • T. Katoh, A. Akiyama, K. Kudo, S. Takeda
Pulsers for the Induction Linac Experiment, MBE-4 acceleration, accelerator, induction, linac 954
  • D. Gough, D. Brodzik, A. Faltens, C. Pike, J. Stoker
Particle Longitudinal Diffusion Produced by High Frequency Cavity emittance, proton, resonance, synchrotron 1281
  • J.M. Kats
Energy Management at the Bevalac accelerator, field, monitoring, quadrupole 1570
  • J.R. Alonso, J. Bercovitz, R. Dwinell, R. Frias, J. Fugitt, D. Howard, S. Marks, R.M. Reimers, R. Sorensen
The 3.6 MW High Voltage Interface for the LEP Main Ring Klystrons acceleration, cathode, controls, klystron 1619
  • H. O'Hanlon, G. Pecheur
The Design of a High Power Gyroklystron for Supercollider Applications cathode, electron, field, gyroklystron 1904
  • W. Lawson, J. Calame, V.L. Granatstein, P.E. Latham, M.E. Read, C.D. Striffler, W. Wang, D. Welsh, F.J. Williams