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Keyword: survey

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Beam Trajectory Acquisition System for the Arcs of the Stanford Linear Collider accelerator, focusing, monitoring, vacuum 673
  • J.L. Pellegrin, M.C. Ross, B.D. Scott, D.S. Wilson
The Database for Accelerator Control in the CERN PS Complex acceleration, accelerator, controls, software 704
  • J.H. Cupèrus
Alignment of the Stanford Linear Collider Arcs-Concepts and Results accelerator, alignment, collider, positron 1402
  • R. Pitthan, B. Bell, H. Friedsam, W. Oren, M. Pietryka, R. Ruland
Design, Installation Problems and Criteria Related to Large Accelerators accelerator, field, scattering, simulation 1579
  • G. Bachy
MI5 - A Beam Line that Climbs the Wall alignment, controls, shielding, target 1588
  • R. Kokke, J. McIlroy, A.J. Otter, D. Revell, H. Sprenger, L. Voboril
Precise Alignment of Magnets in the TRISTAN Main Ring alignment, insertion, laser, quadrupole 1648
  • A. Kabe, K. Egawa, K. Endo, K. Takayama
Mechanical Support and Transport System Used for the Neutrino Horn at Brookhaven National Laboratory instrumentation, radiation, shielding, target 1737
  • J.C. Walker, A.S. Carroll, W. Leonhardt, R. Monaghan, C. Pearson, A. Pendzick, G. Ryan, J. Sandberg, W.P Sims, G.A. Smith, P. Stillman