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Keyword: pick-up

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Beam Position and Profile Measurements at BESSY coupling, electron, ion, tune 535
  • P. Kuske, K. Derikum, H.G. Hoberg, H. Lehr
A Beam Position Monitoring System for the Fermilab Booster acceleration, accelerator, booster, monitoring 541
  • R. Webber, J. Fritz, S. Holmes, W. Marsh, J. Zagel
IBCM: Internal Bunch Coordinate Monitor CAMAC, acceleration, ionization 603
  • P. Yamin
Magnetic Beam Position Monitors for the LEP Pre-Injector ferrite, impedance, injection, vacuum 605
  • S. Battisti, M. Le Gras, J.M. Roux, B. Szeless, D.J. Williams
Measurement and Correction of the Closed Orbit in the Storage Ring Adone betatron, lattice, quadrupole, vacuum 608
  • A. Aragona, C. Biscari, S. De Simone, E. Gianfelice, S. Guiducci, V. Lollo, S. Pella, M. Preger, M. Serio
A 1.5 GHz Wide-Band Beam-Position and Intensity Monitor for the Electron Positron Accumulator (EPA) coupling, ferrite, impedance, vacuum 664
  • G.C. Schneider
Beam Transfer Monitors for the Operation of the SPS with Oxygen cathode, extraction, injection, synchrotron 732
  • J. Bosser, G. Ferioli, J. Koopman, J. Mann
Development of the Phase Probe in the INR Cyclotron cyclotron, induction, vacuum 744
  • X. Cui, H. Chang, J. Zhang
Hardware for the LEP Transverse Feedback System betatron, feedback, field, kicker 751
  • S. Myers, R. Olsen, I. Wilson
Recent Machine Studies and Improvements of the CERN Antiproton Accumulator antiproton, kicker, target, tune 834
  • G. Carron, V. Chohan, T.W. Eaton, C.D. Johnson, E. Jones, H. Koziol, M. Martini, S. Maury, C. Metzger, F. Pedersen, A. Poncet, L. Rinolfi, T.R. Sherwood, C.S. Taylor, L. Thorndahl, E.J.N. Wilson, S. van der Meer
ACOL Stochastic Cooling Systems accumulation, antiproton, emittance, kicker 1549
  • B. Autin, G. Carron, F. Caspers, S. Milner, L. Thorndahl, S. van der Meer
Estimation of the Mode Losses in Complex RF Vacuum Devices field, proton, resonance, vacuum 1722
  • M. Wendt, W. Schütte, T. Weiland
The New Directional-Coupler Pick-Up for the HERA Proton Beam Position Monitoring System monitoring, proton, quadrupole, vacuum 1725
  • W. Schütte, K.H. Me, M. Wendt
Planar Slotline Pick-Ups and Kickers for Stochastic Cooling coupling, impedance, kicker, radiation 1866
  • F. Caspers