PAC1987 Keywords
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Keyword: insertion

Title Other Keywords Page
A Proton-Antiproton Version of the Large Hadron Collider in the LEP Tunnel collider, luminosity, optics, tune 94
  • R. Schmidt
A Very Large Interaction Region for the SSC emittance, luminosity, scattering, tune 97
  • D.E. Groom, A.A. Garren, D.E. Johnson
Synchrotron Radiation Sources in the Soviet Union electron, field, microtron, radiation 405
  • S.P. Kapitza
The LBL 1-2 GeV Synchrotron Radiation Source injection, photon, radiation, synchrotron 409
  • M. Cornacchia
Overview of the European Synchrotron Light Source emittance, lattice, radiation, synchrotron 417
  • J.L. Laclare
Effect of Insertion Devices on Beam Parameters betatron, field, photon, tune 437
  • M. Katoh, Y. Kamiya
Low Emittance Optics of Photon Factory Storage Ring at KEK emittance, factory, optics, photon 455
  • Y. Kamiya, A. Araki, I Honjo, M. Katoh, M. Kihara
Single Particle Dynamics in the LBL 1-2 GeV Synchrotron Radiation Source in the Presence of Magnetic Imperfections, Magnet Displacement Errors and Insertion Devices field, multipole, quadrupole, undulator 482
  • A. Jackson, H. Nishimura
Lattice Studies for the Trieste Synchrotron Radiation Machine betatron, field, lattice, quadrupole 500
  • M.E. Biagini, C. Biscari, E. Gianfelice, S. Guiducci, L. Palumbo, M. Preger
The Impact of New Computer Technology on Accelerator Control accelerator, beamline, lattice, software 529
  • E. Theil, V. Jacobson, V. Paxson
High Precision Power Supplies for the National Synchrotron Light Source accelerator, feedback, light source, synchrotron 1408
  • R. Olsen, H. Langenbach
The Beam Line X NdFe-Steel Hybrid Wiggler for SSRL field, radiation, vacuum, wiggler 1508
  • E. Hoyer, K. Halbach, D. Humphries, V.P. Karpenko, S. Kulkarni, S. Marks, D. Plate, D. Shuman, K.G. Tirsell
Precise Alignment of Magnets in the TRISTAN Main Ring alignment, laser, quadrupole, survey 1648
  • A. Kabe, K. Egawa, K. Endo, K. Takayama
Micropole Undulators in Accelerator and Storage Ring Technology linac, radiation, synchrotron, undulator 1681
  • R. Tatchyn, P. Csonka, A. Toor
Investigation of the Electromagnetic Fields in the SRS R.F. Cavity Window Aperture Using a Perturbation Technique dielectric, field, thermal, waveguide 1842
  • R.A. Rimmer