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Keyword: hadron

Title Other Keywords Page
An Advanced Hadron Facility: A Combined Kaon Factory and Cold-Neutron Source accelerator, factory, linac, pion 86
  • H.A. Thiessen
Single-Shot Longitudinal Shape Measurements of Nanosecond Particle Bunches electron, ferrite, proton, vacuum 643
  • R. Cappi, G. Cyvoct, J. Durand, M. Ruette, E. Schulte
Kaon Factories in 1987 booster, factory, injection, proton 819
  • M.K. Craddock
Effects of Multipoles and Orbit Distortions on the Dynamic Aperture of the LHC collider, field, multipole, sextupole 1249
  • D. Brandt
Accelerator Magnet Power Supply Using Storage Generator acceleration, extraction, field, injection 1416
  • G. Karady, H.A. Thiessen
Metallized Ceramic Vacuum Pipe for Particle Beams dielectric, impedance, thermal, vacuum 1785
  • B.L. Butler, M. Featherby