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Keyword: skew

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Antiproton Losses at Large Transverse Amplitudes in the CERN Antiproton Accumulator and Corrective Measures Using Skew Quadrupoles and Sextupoles antiproton, betatron, injection, sextupole 2231
  • V. Chohan, Z.Y. Guo, C.D. Johnson, E.J.N. Wilson
Reduction of Sextupole Distortion by Shuffling Magnets in Small Groups betatron, quadrupole, sextupole, spectrum 2314
  • R.L. Gluckstern, S. Ohnuma
Random Errors in the Magnetic Field Coefficients of Superconducting Magnets betatron, emittance, field, multipole 3689
  • J. Herrera, R. Hogue, A. Prodell, P. Wanderer, E. Willen
Effect of Manufacturing Errors on Field Quality of Dipole Magnets for the SSC accelerator, collider, field 3725
  • R.B. Meuser
Investigation of the Touschek Effect in VUV Electron Storage Ring betatron, electron, field, lifetime 3821
  • Y. Miyahara, H. Nishimura