PAC1985 Keywords
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Keyword: algorithms

Title Other Keywords Page
Computer Upgrade in the IUCF Control System accelerator, cyclotron, maintenance, software 2059
  • J.C. Collins, Wm. Manwaring
Optimizing Data Access in the LAMPF Control System CAMAC, accelerator, acceptance, software 2080
  • S.C. Schaller, J.K. Corley, P.A. Rose
Klystron Control Software in the SLC accelerator, klystron, modulator, software 2110
  • R.K. Jobe, N. Phinney, K. Thompson
Report on the SLC Control System CAMAC, monitoring, software, timing 2117
  • N. Phinney
Tevatron Extraction Microcomputer accelerator, controls, extraction, software 2144
  • L. Chapman, D.A. Finley, M. Harrison, W. Merz
A Computer Simulation Study of e+e- Storage Ring Performance as a Function of Sextupole Distribution luminosity, sextupole, simulation, tune 2541
  • G.P. Jackson, R.H. Siemann