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Keyword: scattering

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Sources of Radioactive Ions emittance, field, ion, target 1728
  • J.R. Alonso
Cooling High Intensity Atomic Hydrogen Beams to Liquid Helium Temperatures acceptance, field, ion, vacuum 1762
  • A. Hershcovitch, B. DeVito, V. Kovarik, A. Kponou, R. Meier, Th. Sluyters
Internal Polarimeters for the Polarized Proton Beam at the KEK 12 GeV PS booster, polarization, proton, target 1950
  • H. Sato, D. Arakawa, S. Hiramatsu, K. Imai, H. Sakamoto, N. Tamura, T. Toyama
Electron Beam Bunch Profile Determination through Cerenkov Radiation accelerator, electron, radiation 1994
  • X.K. Maruyama, F.R. Buskirk, J.R. Neighbours
Transverse Instabilities due to Beam-Trapped Ions and Charged Matter in the CERN Antiproton Accumulator emittance, field, ion, tune 2218
  • E. Jones, F. Pedersen, A. Poncet, E.J.N. Wilson, S. van der Meer
Microwave Instability across the Transition Energy Landau damping, damping, instability, ion 2323
  • S.Y. Lee, J.M. Wang
Strong Intrabeam Scattering in Heavy Ion and Proton Beams accelerator, betatron, emittance, lattice 2326
  • G. Parzen
Efficient Capture in an Accumulator Ring of 20,000 Turns of Beam Injected from TRIUMF acceptance, booster, injection, synchrotron 2456
  • D. Raparia, G.H. Mackenzie, C.W. Planner, J.R. Richardson
U+U Collisions Near the Coulomb Barrier by Crossing Two Co-Circulating Beams electron, ion, luminosity, target 2678
  • B. Franzke, Ch. Schmelzer
Collective Effects and Lattice Implications for an FEL Bypass Ring emittance, equilibrium, impedance, lattice 2700
  • J. Bisognano, A. Jackson, M.S. Zisman
Beam Catcher/Dump accelerator, alignment, radiation, thermal 3057
  • Y. Makdisi, K. Brown, J.W. Glenn, E. Rodger
Heavy Ion Storage Rings for Atomic Physics cyclotron, electron, electron cooling, ion 3297
  • B. Franzke
Wobbler Facility for Biomedical Experiments at the Bevalac extraction, field, radiation, target 3321
  • W.T. Chu, S.B. Curtis, J. Llacer, T.R. Renner, R.W. Sorensen
Breeding New Light into Old Machines (and New) emittance, linac, luminosity, photon 3430
  • J.E. Spencer, S.J. Brodsky
Experimental Study of the Plasma Beat Wave Accelerator electron, field, laser, plasma 3551
  • C.E. Clayton, F.F. Chen, C. Darrow, C. Joshi, D. Umstadter