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Keyword: instrumentation

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FMIT Diagnostic Instrumentation accelerator, cw, quadrupole, timing 1962
  • J.D. Gilpatrick, D.D. Chamberlin
SMACC CAMAC, accelerator, controls, emittance 2041
  • W. Heinze, R. Cailliau, B. Carpenter, G. Cuisinier, A. Gagnaire, F. Perriollat, W. Remmer
Dissecting the COW accelerator, collider, software 2115
  • E. Linstadt
Design and Performance of 40mm, 6.5 T, Collared, Cold-Iron Model Magnets alignment, field, quench, thermal 3728
  • C. Peters, W. Gilbert, W. Hassenzahl, K. Mirk, J. Rechen, R. Scanlan, C. Taylor
Pulsed Power Supplies for the Fermilab 1 TeV Switchyard accelerator, commissioning, controls, proton 3755
  • L. Bartelson, J. Walton