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Keyword: skew

Title Other Keywords Page
Note on the Courant and Snyder Invariant accelerator, betatron, emittance, quadrupole 2412
  • K. Takayama
Coupling and Decoupling in Storage Rings coupling, insertion, lattice, tune 2460
  • S. Peggs
Permanent Multipole Magnets with Adjustable Strength field, multipole, quadrupole, vacuum 3323
  • K. Halbach
Magnetic Field Data on Fermilab Energy Saver Quadrupoles field, multipole, quadrupole, sextupole 3384
  • E.E. Schmidt, B.C. Brown, W.E. Cooper, H.E. Fisk, D.A. Gross, R. Hanft, S. Ohnuma, F. Turkot
Performance of 1-m-Long/75-mm Bore Superconducting Prototype Coils for HERA field, induction, quench, vacuum 3390
  • G. Horlitz, H. Kaiser, G. Knust, K.-H. Mess, P. Schmüser, B.H. Wiik, S. Wolff
Field Quality Aspects of CBA Superconducting Magnets accelerator, field, injection, sextupole 3469
  • S. Kahn, R. Engelmann, R. Fernow, A.F. Greene, J. Herrera, H. Kirk, J. Skaritka, P. Wanderer, E. Willen
Report on the Production Magnet Measurement System for the Fermilab Energy Saver Superconducting Dipoles and Quadrupoles field, quadrupole, quench, resonance 3608
  • B.C. Brown, W.E. Cooper, J.D. Garvey, D.A. Gross, R. Hanft, K.P. Kaczar, J.E. Pachnik, C.W. Schmidt, E.E. Schmidt, F. Turkot