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Keyword: space-charge

Title Other Keywords Page
Computer Modeling of the Klystron bunching, electron, field, klystron 2170
  • P.J. Tallerico, B.E. Carlsten
An Ionization Profile Monitor for the Brookhaven AGS acceleration, background, extraction, field 2179
  • H. Weisberg, E. Gill, P. Ingrassia, E. Rodger
An Emittance Scanner for Intense Low-Energy Ion Beams accelerator, emittance, field, ion 2204
  • P.W. Allison, D.B. Holtkamp, J.D. Sherman
The Resistive Longitudinal Instability Threshold in Finite Charged Beams accelerator, instability, ion, simulation 2573
  • A. Sternlieb
The Moment Approach to Charged Particle Beam Dynamics acceleration, accelerator, emittance, field 2607
  • P.J. Channell
SRA: A New Ion Accelerator Scheme accelerator, dielectric, electron, ion 3174
  • J.Y. Choe, H.S. Uhm
High Power Microwave Generation from a Virtual Cathode Oscillator (Vircator) cathode, electron, field, waveguide 3426
  • D.J. Sullivan