PAC1983 Keywords
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Keyword: positron

Title Other Keywords Page
The Status of the SLAC Linear Collider Project accelerator, damping, electron, emittance 1976
  • R. Stiening
A Measurement of the Transverse Particle Distribution in the Presence of the Beam-Beam Interaction background, halo, lifetime, radiation 2188
  • G. Decker, R. Talman
A Multiprocessor Bus Architecture for the LEP Control System accelerator, electron, software 2281
  • J. Altaber, R. Rausch
An Adiabatic Matching Device for the Orsay Linear Positron Accelerator accelerator, acceptance, field, spectrum 2850
  • R. Chehab, G. Le Meur, B. Mouton, M. Renard
Digital Simulation for TRISTAN-AR Magnet Supply and Control System CAMAC, accumulation, feedback, simulation 2929
  • T. Kubo, K. Endo, H. Fukuma, A. Kabe
External Tandem Target System for Efficient Production of Short-Lived Positron Emitting Radionuclides cyclotron, ion, proton, target 3064
  • K. Koh, J. Dwyer, R. Finn, Y. Sheh, J. Sinnreich, T. Wooten
Characteristics and Applications of Radiation from Channeled Particles channeling, crystal, electron, radiation 3150
  • R.H. Pantell, B.L. Berman, S. Datz, J.O. Kephart, R.K. Klein, H. Park, R.L. Swent