PAC1983 Keywords
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Keyword: monitoring

Title Other Keywords Page
A Broadband Accelerator Control Network accelerator, ion, linac, software 2155
  • J. Skelly, T. Clifford, R. Frankel
Further Development of Instrumentation for the Tevatron Beam Dump accelerator, controls, electron, instrumentation 2196
  • E. Harms, B. Hendricks, T.L. Williams
A High Resolution Wire Scanner Beam Profile Monitor with a Microprocessor Data Acquisition System accelerator, cw, electron, vacuum 2213
  • R.I. Cutler, D.L. Mohr, J.K. Whittaker, N.R. Yoder
A High Performance Control System for a Heavy Ion Medical Accelerator accelerator, diagnostics, ion, software 2311
  • H.D. Lancaster, S.B. Magyary, R.C. Sah
A New-Control System for the SLAC Accelerator Klystrons for SLC CAMAC, accelerator, klystron, timing 2325
  • R.K. Jobe
Beam Position Measurement in the Photon Factory Storage Ring crystal, insertion, quadrupole, vacuum 2353
  • T. Katsura, H. Nakagawa, S. Shibata
A 9.1-T Iron-Free Nb-Ti Dipole Magnet with Pancake Windings accelerator, field, quench, superconductivity 2578
  • W. Gilbert, S. Caspi, W. Hassenzahl, R. Meuser, C. Peters, J. Rechen, R. Schafer, C. Taylor, R. Wolgast
Energy Saver Partial Ring Power Tests accelerator, cryogenics, quench, software 2889
  • G. Tool, R. Flora, P. Martin, D. Wolff
The rf Power Plant of the SPS acceleration, cw, impedance, proton 3414
  • H.P. Kindermann, W. Herdrich, W. Sinclair