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Keyword: thermal

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Instrumentation for the Tevatron Beam Dump acceleration, instrumentation, monitoring, radiation 2771
  • E. Harms, B. Hendricks, G. Lee, T. Williams
A High Intensity Beam Dump for the Tevatron Beam Abort System accelerator, instrumentation, proton, radiation 2774
  • J. Kidd, N. Mokhov, T. Murphy, M. Palmer, T. Toohig, F. Turkot, A. Van Ginneken
FMIT Beamstop diagnostics, irradiation, maintenance, vacuum 2821
  • R.C. Potter, D.C. Clark, L.B. Dauelsberg, J.L. Uher
Design and Operation, Water-Cooled Pyrolytic Graphite Targets at LAMPF pion, proton, target, vacuum 2940
  • R.D. Brown, D.L. Grisham
Ten Years Operational Experience with the ISR Power Supplies CAMAC, background, coupling, monitoring 3037
  • S. Oliver
The New Internal Beam Dump at the SPS. Temperature and Stress Calculations and Its Design. accelerator, field, proton, shielding 3062
  • A. Ijspeert, R. Bellone, P. Sievers
Study of Factors Which Affect Training in Isabelle R&D Magnets Lorentz force, field, insertion, quench 3208
  • P. Wanderer, E. Bleser, G. Cottingham, A. Greene, C. Holbrow, K. Jaeger, K. Robins, W. Sampson, G. Stenby, A. Stevens, M. Tannenbaum, P. Thompson
Studies of Quench Propagation in a Superconducting Window Frame Magnet acceleration, accelerator, proton, quench 3234
  • J. Allinger, A. Carroll, G. Danby, B. DeVito, J. Jackson, W. Leonhardt, A. Prodell, R. Stoehr
Superconducting Cavities for a Large e+e- Colliding Beam Accelerator coupling, field, multipacting, spectrum 3240
  • H. Padamsee, J. Kirchgessner, J. Mioduszewski, R. Sundelin, M. Tigner
Superconducting Cavities and Modulated RF accelerator, coupling, cw, field 3242
  • Z.D. Farkas
Development of Superconducting Resonators for the Argonne Heavy-Ion Linac electron, field, heavy-ion, linac 3248
  • K.W. Shepard
Fermilab Energy Saver Refrigeration System Tests accelerator, controls, superconducting magnet, vacuum 3257
  • J. Theilacker, R. Ferry, M. Leininger, J. Makara, J. Misek, D. Mizicko, D. Richied, C. Rode
Improving the Bevatron Vacuum to 10-10 Torr acceleration, extraction, ion, vacuum 3260
  • The Bevatron Vacuum Improvement Team
Operating Experience with the Cryogenic Systems for a Superconducting Cyclotron cryogenics, cyclotron, monitoring, vacuum 3263
  • M.L. Mallory, P. Brindza, H. Laumer, D. Poe
Performance of Dipole Magnets in Helium II accelerator, field, instrumentation, quench 3280
  • R. Althaus, S. Caspi, W.S. Gilbert, W. Hassenzahl, R. Meuser, J. Rechen, C. Taylor, R. Warren
A Novel Epoxy-Free Construction Method for Fabricating Dipole Magnets and Test Results Lorentz force, accelerator, field, quench 3283
  • C. Taylor, R. Althaus, S. Caspi, W.S. Gilbert, W. Hassenzahl, R. Meuser, J. Rechen, R. Warren
Mechanical Properties of ISABELLE Superconducting Coils field, insertion, ion, quench 3303
  • P. Thompson, A. Bertsche, J. Fuhrmann, A. Greene, E. Grove, L. Repeta, F. Short, M. Tannenbaum, P. Wanderer
Multiple Element Vapor Cooled Current Leads for the Fermilab Energy Saver Correction Elements equilibrium, quench, vacuum 3317
  • T.H. Nicol
New All Aluminum Alloy Vacuum System for the TRISTAN e+e- Storage Accelerator impedance, ion, septum, vacuum 3320
  • H. Ishimaru, G. Horikoshi, Y. Kimura
Spool Piece Testing Facility accelerator, controls, quench, vacuum 3325
  • M. Kuchnir, W.B. Fowler, P.M. Mantsch, R.J. Walker
Distributed Pumping by Non-Evaporable Getters in Particle Accelerators accelerator, electron, equilibrium, vacuum 3333
  • B. Ferrario, L. Rosai, P. della Porta
Glass Jointed Alumina Vacuum Chambers neutron, quadrupole, radiation, vacuum 3336
  • J.R.J. Bennett, R.J. Elsey
Infrared Measurement of the Temperature Distribution of a Repetitively Pulsed Electron Beam Extraction Foil as a Beam Uniformity Diagnostic electron, extraction, field, impedance 3392
  • M.T. Buttram, J.W. Glenn, G.S. Phipps
Higher Frequency Operation of Linear Accelerator accelerator, field, injection, linac 3476
  • N. Kobayashi, S. Kawasaki, A. Miyahara
Investigation of Fiberoptics during and after Fission Product Gamma Irradiation laser, neutron, optics, radiation 3558
  • H. Boeck, J. Siehs, N. Vana