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Keyword: ionization

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A Sealed Metal Argon Ionization Chamber (Argonion) ion, monitoring, proton, radiation 2243
  • V. Agoritsas
Transverse Phase Space Time Dependence of LAMPF's High Intensity H+ Beam electron, emittance, tune, vacuum 2658
  • J. Hurd, A. Browman
The Cornell Electron Beam Ion Source electron, field, gun, ion 2660
  • V.O. Kostroun, E.N. Beebe, E. Ghanbari, S.W. Janson
The IFA-2 Collective Accelerator acceleration, electron, ion, laser 3349
  • C.L. Olson, C.A. Frost, R.A. Gerber, J.R. Woodworth
Design of CMOS/SOS Circuits for Space Applications ion, radiation, shielding 3569
  • L. Kitajewski