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Keyword: shielding

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An Absolute Calibrator for DCI Beam Current Monitors feedback, lifetime, modulator, vacuum 2375
  • M. Bergher
FMIT Alignment Cart alignment, linac, quadrupole, radiation 2973
  • R.C. Potter, D.C. Clark, L.B. Dauelsberg, R.J. Grieggs
Monitor 1981 maintenance, proton, target, vacuum 3007
  • D.L. Grisham, T.S. Baldwin, E.L. Ekberg, J.E. Lambert
Improvement of the 108 MHz RF-Amplifiers for the Unilac Alvarez Structure acceleration, coupling, damping, impedance 3012
  • G. Hutter, N. Angert
The New Internal Beam Dump at the SPS. Temperature and Stress Calculations and Its Design. accelerator, field, proton, thermal 3062
  • A. Ijspeert, R. Bellone, P. Sievers
Superconducting Structures for a 130 MeV Recyclotron electron, field, multipacting, vacuum 3222
  • U. Klein, T. Grundey, D. Proch
A Panofsky-Type Superconducting Quadrupole with a Very High Gradient Homogeneity accelerator, field, magnetic measurements, quadrupole 3228
  • R. Auzolle, F. Kircher, J.P. Pénicaud
Design of CMOS/SOS Circuits for Space Applications ion, ionization, radiation 3569
  • L. Kitajewski