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Keyword: neutron

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Status Report on the Rapid Cycling Synchrotron accelerator, extraction, linac, target 2104
  • C.W. Potts, F.R. Brumwell, Y. Cho, A.V. Rauchas, G.J. Volk
Phase Lock of Rapid Cycling Synchrotron and Neutron Choppers chopper, extraction, feedback, field 2171
  • W. Praeg, D. McGhee, G. Volk
Measurements of Microbunch Energy Spectra on a S-Band Electron Linac accelerator, electron, linac, target 2234
  • J.M. Salomé, R. Forni
Performance Optimization of a Cusp-Field Ion Source and High-Perveance Extractor accelerator, electron, field, ion 2687
  • E.A. Meyer, D.D. Armstrong, J.D. Schneider
RF Power Source Development for the High Current Linear Accelerator of the Spallation Neutron Source (SNQ) accelerator, bunching, gun, klystron 2836
  • G. Hochschild, E. Demmel
Shaped Excitation Current for Synchrotron Magnets acceleration, field, proton, synchrotron 2856
  • M. Foss, W. Praeg
Beam Transport Calculation for K-500 Cyclotron Operation at Michigan State University cyclotron, quadrupole, scattering, target 2979
  • J. Kasagi, S. Angius, E. Kashy
Tune Control Improvements on the Rapid Cycling Synchrotron accelerator, sextupole, software, tune 3020
  • C. Potts, M. Faber, G. Gunderson, M. Knott, D. Voss
Intense Pulsed Neutron Sources accelerator, proton, spallation, target 3115
  • R.L. Kustom
New Applications of Particle Accelerators in Medicine, Material Sciences, and Industry accelerator, injection, pion, proton 3120
  • E.A. Knapp
Pulsed Neutron Source from the Intense Particle Beam Generator THALIE electron, impedance, ion, target 3139
  • C. Bruno, N. Camarcat, J. Cortella, C. Patou, B. Tournier
Modeling a Heavy Ion Driver for an ICF Power Plant accelerator, field, focusing, ion 3160
  • M.D. Nahemow
A New Stringer for the LAMPF Radiation Effects Facility insertion, proton, radiation, spectrum 3172
  • R.D. Brown, C.F. Hansen
A Conceptual Design for an Accelerator System for a Very High-Intensity Pulsed Neutron Source Using a Linear Induction Accelerator acceleration, induction, ion, linac 3181
  • M.H. Foss
Glass Jointed Alumina Vacuum Chambers quadrupole, radiation, thermal, vacuum 3336
  • J.R.J. Bennett, R.J. Elsey
A High Intensity Proton Linear Accelerator for the German Spallation Neutron Source (SNQ) accelerator, focusing, linac, proton 3455
  • J.E. Vetter, The Linear Accelerator Working Group
Investigation of Fiberoptics during and after Fission Product Gamma Irradiation laser, optics, radiation, thermal 3558
  • H. Boeck, J. Siehs, N. Vana
Comparison of Neutron and 2 MeV Electron Damage in N-Type Silicon by Deep-Level Transient Spectroscopy electron, irradiation, lifetime, radiation 3564
  • Y. Tokuda, A. Usami