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Keyword: collider

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KEK Accelerator Facilities and Tristan Project booster, electron, linac, proton 2052
  • T. Kamei, Y. Kimura
SLAC Collider Injector, RF Drive Synchronization and Trigger Electronics and 15 Amp Thermionic Gun Development accelerator, damping, gun, laser 2213
  • R. Koontz, T. McKinney, R. Miller, A. Wilmunder
Design of the Control System of TRISTAN CAMAC, accelerator, commissioning, software 2359
  • H. Ikeda, K. Ishii, T. Kamei, T. Katoh, Y. Kimura, S. Kurokawa, S. Shibata, M. Takasaki, S. Takeda, K. Uchino
"Arnold Diffusion" and Diffusion Enhancement by the Beam-Beam Interaction coupling, resonance, simulation, tune 2494
  • D. Neuffer, A. Riddiford, A.G. Ruggiero
Non-Linear Optics for the Final Focus of the Single Pass Collider emittance, field, quadrupole, sextupole 2568
  • K.L. Brown, J.E. Spencer
Prospects for Very High Gradients in Linac-Colliders field, klystron, luminosity, single-bunch 2742
  • P.B. Wilson
Test Dipole Magnets for the TRISTAN Superconducting Proton Ring accelerator, field, proton, sextupole 3266
  • S. Mitsunobu, H. Hirabayashi, K. Hosoyama, Y. Kimura, J. Kishiro, T. Kohriki, T. Kubo, A. Yamamoto