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Keyword: diagnostics

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High-Energy Beam Transport in the Hanford FMIT Linear Accelerator accelerator, emittance, linac, quadrupole 3050
  • K.E. Melson, C. Caldwell, Jr., D.D. Chamberlin, T. Cole, J.A. Farrell, P. Giles, D.J. Liska, C. Potter, M.K. Wilson
The Efficiency of Acceleration by Phase Displacement in the Presence of RF Noise acceleration, injection, synchrotron 3529
  • S. Myers, E. Peschardt
A CAMAC Based High-Resolution Repetitive Waveform Generator CAMAC, accelerator, booster, software 4149
  • R.J. Ducar, T.M. Tomasko, L.A. Winterowd