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Keyword: target

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Inertial Confinement Fusion Energy with Particle Beams accelerator, electron, ion, laser 975
  • G.W. Kuswa
Applications of Pulsed Neutrons from a Spallation Source neutron, scattering, spallation, thermal 981
  • S.A. Werner
A Pulsed Spallation Source for Neutron Scattering Research injection, neutron, spallation, synchrotron 989
  • G. Rees
Systems Analysis of Accelerator and Storage Ring Systems for Inertial Fusion emittance, injection, ion, linac 996
  • R. Burke, S. Fenster, S. Grammel
Electron Linac Design for Pion Radiotherapy accelerator, electron, linac, pion 1006
  • G.A. Loew, K.L. Brown, R.H. Miller, D.A. Pistenma, D.R. Walz
Pellet Fusion by High Energy Heavy Ions accelerator, emittance, ion, linac 1012
  • R. Burke, Y. Cho, J. Fasolo, S. Fenster, M. Foss, T. Khoe, A. Langsdorf, R. Martin
Limitations of Heavy Ion Synchrotron Accelerators for Inertial Fusion accelerator, injection, ion, synchrotron 1028
  • D. Berley, G.T. Danby
The Accelerator-Breeder, an Application of High-Energy Accelerators to Solving Our Energy Problems accelerator, deuteron, neutron, proton 1043
  • P. Grand, K. Batchelor, J.R. Powell, M. Steinberg
The Bevalac Minibeam Facility collimation, focusing, ionization, shielding 1049
  • W. Schimmerling, J. Alonso, R.A. Armer, H. Grunder, J.T. Gunn, R. Morgado, C. A. Tobias, F.T. Upham, A. Windsor, T.C.H. Yang
The Fermilab Neutron Radiotherapy Facility accelerator, laser, neutron, proton 1055
  • M. Awschalom, G.M. Lee, M.L. Palmer, D.E. Young
Experimental Measurements on a 25 MeV Reflexotron accelerator, electron, field, radiation 1061
  • S.O. Schriber, L.W. Funk, S.B. Hodge, R.M. Hutcheon
Piggy-Back Power Supplies for Magnet Systems accelerator, electron 1279
  • J.J. Gano
Indiana University Cyclotron Facility - The First Year of Operation accelerator, acceptance, cyclotron, ion 1505
  • R.E. Pollock
Secondary Yield Enhancement from Current-Carrying Target acceptance, focusing, proton, thermal 1539
  • L. Blumberg, A.E. Webster
Carbon Accumulation on Target Surfaces Irradiated by Protons accumulation, ion, scattering, x-ray 1542
  • C. Peterson, R. Laubert
Target Stations and Beam Dumps for the CERN SPS neutrino, proton, shielding, thermal 1568
  • W. Kalbreier, A. Knezovic, G. Löhr, W. C. Middelkoop, P. Sievers, A. Warman
The External Proton Beam Lines and the Splitter Systems of the CERN SPS field, neutrino, proton, septum 1571
  • L. Evans, A. Hilaire, A. Ijspeert, N. Siegel, E. Weisse, B. de Raad
The Evolution of the LAMPF High Power Pion Production Target Mechanisms electron, pion, proton, vacuum 1574
  • M.T. Wilson, D.L. Grisham, L.O. Lindquist, L.L. Thorn
A Solution for Remote Handling in Accelerator Installations accelerator, maintenance, radiation, shielding 1580
  • J.J. Burgerjon, E.L. Ekberg, C.R. Flatau, D.L. Grisham, R.A. Horne, R.E. Myer, K.B. Wilson
Operating Experience with the Polarized Electron Gun at SLAC accelerator, electron, gun, polarization 1603
  • M.J. Alguard, G. Baum, J.E. Clendenin, V.W. Hughes, M.S. Lubell, R.H. Miller, W. Raith, K.P. Schuler, J. Sodja
Meson Factories - 1977 accelerator, cyclotron, proton, shielding 1605
  • D.C. Hagerman
The SIN Accelerators, Operational Experience and Improvement Programs cyclotron, extraction, pion, septum 1618
  • W. Joho, M. Olivo, T. Stammbach, H. Willax
Performance and Prospects of the Reconstructed CERN 600 MeV Synchro-Cyclotron acceleration, accelerator, pion, proton 1631
  • B.W. Allardyce, H. Beger, R. Galiana, R. Giannini, E.G. Michaelis, S. Talas
A Control System for the Fermilab Master-Slave Servo Manipulator accelerator, alignment, controls, field 1751
  • R.J. Ducar
The ISABELLE Half-Cell Control System accelerator, controls, software, vacuum 1798
  • W. Buxton, R. Frankel, J.W. Humphrey