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Keyword: controls

Title Other Keywords Page
Applications of Microprocessors in Upgrading of Accelerator Controls CAMAC, accelerator, monitoring, software 1677
  • K.B. Mallory
Beam Lines Controls System for SATURNE II CAMAC, accelerator, software, survey 1722
  • J.L. Hamel, G. Maitchard
A Control System for the Fermilab Master-Slave Servo Manipulator accelerator, alignment, field, target 1751
  • R.J. Ducar
A Mini-Computer Based Digital RF Control System for the ZGS acceleration, feedback, field, ion 1756
  • F. Brandeberry, G. Gunderson, M. Knott, A. Rauchas
The ISABELLE Half-Cell Control System accelerator, software, target, vacuum 1798
  • W. Buxton, R. Frankel, J.W. Humphrey
The TRIUMF Data Interface CAMAC, cyclotron, diagnostics, field 1801
  • D.P. Gurd, D.R. Heywood, C.J. Kost
Betatron Tune Profile Control at the Zero Gradient Synchrotron (ZGS) Using the Main Magnet Pole Face Windings (PFWs) betatron, field, octupole, tune 1824
  • A.V. Rauchas, A.J. Wright