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Keyword: cathode

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Fermilab Capacitor Tree damping, impedance, maintenance 1352
  • H. Pfeffer, E. Kessler, J. Lockwood
Extractiion from the CERN SPS extraction, quadrupole, resonance, septum 1434
  • Y. Baconnier, P. Faugeras, K.H. Kissler, W. Scandale, B. de Raad
High Current Negative Ion Beams accelerator, emittance, extraction, ion 1521
  • K. Prelec, M. Grossman, Th. Sluyters
A 100-mA Negative Hydrogen-Ion Source for Accelerators extraction, field, ion, residual gas 1545
  • G.I. Dimov, G.Ye. Dereviankin, V.G. Dudnikov
Construction of Duoplasmatron Ion Source for the KEK-PS extraction, ion, plasma, vacuum 1587
  • M. Kobayashi, A. Takagi
Heavy Ion Source Support Gas Mixing Experiments acceleration, cyclotron, ion, plasma 1590
  • E.D. Hudson, M.L. Mallory
A Quick Change Axial Cold Cathode Ion Source cyclotron, ion, maintenance, vacuum 1593
  • M.L. Mallory, W.S. Chien, P.S. Miller
A Direct Extraction H- Ion Source emittance, extraction, focusing, ion 1594
  • P.W. Allison
The Autoaccelerator - A Generator for Producing a High Energy Intense Relativistic Electron Beam by the Autoacceleration Process acceleration, electron, field, impedance 1628
  • J.K. Burton, D. Conte, M. Friedman, T. O'Connell, J. Shipman
Collective Ion Acceleration in a Traveling Virtual Cathode acceleration, electron, field, simulation 1648
  • R.B. Miller, R.J. Faehl, T.C. Genoni, W.A. Proctor
Electrostatic Collective Ion Acceleration in the Evacuated Drift Tube Geometry acceleration, electron, field, ion 1662
  • R.F. Hoeberling, R.B. Miller, D.N. Payton III, D.C. Straw
Magnetic Compression and Electrostatic Reflection on Very High / Electron Beams electron, field, ion, x-ray 1668
  • D.A. Phelps, R.W. Clark, P. Korn