PAC1975 Keywords
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Keyword: timing

Title Other Keywords Page
Computer Control of the Indiana Clyclotron cyclotron, field, software 1079
  • S.A. Lewis
Radiation Hardened Proton Meter for Fermilab External Beam Lines neutrino, proton, radiation, shielding 1104
  • C.R. Kerns
A 230 kJ Pulsed Power Supply accelerator, cathode, controls, neutrino 1317
  • R. Winje
A Variable-Length Time Delay for 50 MHz Sampled Analog Signals accelerator, controls, impedance, insertion 1509
  • R. Biwer, G. Tool
RF Separators and Separated Beams at SLAC accelerator, acceptance, field, target 1533
  • T.H. Fieguth, R.A. Gearhart
A Fast Digitizer and Display System accelerator, booster, injection 1567
  • G. Tool
A 53 MHz Randomly Triggered Synchronous Predetermined Scaler for Accelerator Diagnostics accelerator, diagnostics, feedback, synchrotron 1578
  • E.F. Higgins