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Keyword: sextupole

Title Other Keywords Page
Magnetoresistance Elements for the Measurement and Control of Harmonics in Superconducting Accelerator Magnets accelerator, field, monitoring, quadrupole 1157
  • W.B. Sampson, K.E. Robins, M.G. Thomas
Superconducting Magnet System for the AGS High Energy Unseparated Beam field, quadrupole, quench, vacuum 1164
  • G. Morgan, J. Aggus, J. Bamberger, D. Brown, P. Dahl, R. Damm, H. Hahn, D. Kassner, C. Lasky, G. Parzen, W. Sampson, A. Schlafke
Compensation of Chromatic Aberration in a Single Period Lattice insertion, lattice, quadrupole, tune 1426
  • D. Edwards, S. Ohnuma, L.C. Teng
Effects in Low Periodicity Lattices Resulting from Low Insertions focusing, insertion, lattice, tune 1429
  • R.W. Chasman, E.D. Courant, M. Month
Chromaticity Correction in EPIC betatron, lattice, luminosity, synchrotron 1433
  • M.H.R. Donald, M.R. Harold, J. Maidment, G.H. Rees
Effects of Beam-Beam Forces in Large Electron-Positron Storage Rings betatron, lattice, resonance, tune 1447
  • G.H. Rees, W.T. Toner, J.V. Trotman
Production of High Energy Polarized Protons field, ion, polarization, proton 1466
  • E.F. Parker
Analytical and Computational Studies of Resonance Width near the Intersectin of Two Resonances accelerator, instrumentation, resonance, tune 1851
  • S. Ohnuma, R.L. Gluckstern
Status of Correction Magnet Systems in the Main Ring at Fermilab field, injection, skew, tune 1934
  • R. Stiening, S. Ohnuma, B.A. Prichard, Jr.