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Keyword: emittance

Title Other Keywords Page
Measurement of Intra-Beam Scattering in the ISR injection, intra-beam scattering, residual gas, scattering 1416
  • K. Hübner
The IUCF Transfer Beamline acceptance, beamline, cyclotron, extraction 1601
  • D.W. Devins, C.C. Foster, J.W. Hicks, R.E. Pollock
GANIL: A Proposal for a National Heavy-Ion Laboratory accelerator, cyclotron, extraction, injection 1651
  • The GANIL Study Group
Progress Report on Zero Gradient Synchrotron H- Source Development booster, field, injection, ion 1665
  • J.A. Fasolo
Energy Boosting of a Tandem Beam with the Oak Ridge Isochronous Cyclotron cyclotron, field, injection, ion 1679
  • R.S. Lord, J.B. Ball, R. M. Beckers, K.N. Fischer, E.D. Hudson, M.L. Mallory, J.A. Martin, G.S. McNeilly, S.W. Mosko, J.D. Rylander
Calculated Finite Emittance and Dee-Gap Crossing Effects on Heavy-Ion Trajectories of Ion Injection into the Oak Ridge Isochronous Cyclotron from a 25 MV Tandem Electrostatic Accelerator equilibrium, heavy-ion, injection, scattering 1682
  • G.S. McNeilly, K.N. Fischer
A Penning Ion Source in a 7-MV Van de Graaff Van de Graaff, accelerator, extraction, ion 1715
  • P. Arndt, W. Jenter, H.-E. Mahnke
The Ion Beam Compressor for Pellet Fusion injection, ion, linac, proton 1763
  • R.L. Martin
Beam Dynamics Experiments in the PS Booster booster, instability, linac, synchrotron 1855
  • J. Gareyte, L. Magnani, F. Pedersen, F. Sacherer, K. Schindl
Beam Emittance Growth in a Proton Storage Ring Employing Charge Exchange Injection betatron, brightness, proton, scattering 1916
  • R.K. Cooper, G.P. Lawrence