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Keyword: cathode

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Pulserad 1480 - A 9 MV Pulsed Electron Accelerator with an Intensely Focused Beam electron, impedance, plasma, x-ray 970
  • P. Champney, P. Spence
Single Particle and Collective Effects Observed in the Electron Beam of the Maryland Era Experiment acceleration, electron, field, ion 995
  • W.W. Destler, D.W. Hudgings, R.A. Kehs, P.K. Misra, M.J. Rhee
The Use of Digital Techniques for Automatic RF Control of the CS-15 Compact Clyclotron accelerator, coupling, cyclotron, vacuum 1076
  • T.Y.T. Kuo, J. Conti, J.S. Laughlin, R. Lee, M. Shufer
An Improved Design for the Fermilab SEPTA accelerator, extraction, septum, vacuum 1091
  • J. Walton, R. Andrews, H. Edwards, M. Palmer
High Efficiency, CW, High Power Klystrons for Storage Ring Applications coupling, cw, focusing, klystron 1249
  • G.T. Konrad
HV DC Injectors for Large Heavy-Ion Accelerators accelerator, electron, feedback, impedance 1293
  • K. Truempy, R. Gleyvod, G. Reinhold
A 230 kJ Pulsed Power Supply accelerator, controls, neutrino, timing 1317
  • R. Winje
Status Report on Klystron Improvements accelerator, field, focusing, klystron 1324
  • J.V. Lebacqz
Nanosecond Electron Beam Generation and Instrumentation at SLAC accelerator, electron, gun, impedance 1350
  • R.F. Koontz, R.H. Miller
A PIG Sputter Source for Negative Ions electron, extraction, field, plasma 1632
  • H.H. Andersen, P. Tykesson
A Pulsed Negative Hydrogen Source for Currents up to One Ampere acceleration, extraction, ion, plasma 1662
  • K. Prelec, Th. Sluyters
A Rotatable Cold Cathode Penning Ion Source cyclotron, ion, lifetime, plasma 1669
  • M.L. Mallory, E.D. Hudson
On the Ion Source and the Internal Beam Currents of the CS-15 Compact Cyclotron controls, cyclotron, extraction, ion 1711
  • T.Y.T. Kuo, J.S. Laughlin, R. Lee
An Improved Van de Graaff Belt Charge Regulator Van de Graaff, accelerator, feedback, induction 1730
  • N. Ziegler
Hard-Rock Tunneling Using Pulsed Electron Beams accelerator, electron, linac, vacuum 1798
  • R.T. Avery, T.L. Brekke, I. Finnie, D. Keefe