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Keyword: bunching

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Ultra-Short Pulses of Heavy Ions accelerator, heavy-ion, ion, linac 1148
  • L.M. Bollinger, R. Benaroya, J.J. Bicek, Jr., B.E. Clifft, A.H. Jaffey, K.W. Johnson, T.K. Khoe, F.J. Lynch, J.M. Nixon, W.A. Wesolowski, B. Zeidman
Beat Bunching, A Proposal for Producing Picosecond Electron Pulses electron, gun, linac, travelling wave 1617
  • A. Hutton
Relativistic Heavy Ions for Fusion Applications accelerator, laser, neutron, shielding 1825
  • A.W. Maschke
Separate Sector Cyclotron Beam Dynamics with Space Charge acceleration, cyclotron, field, ion 1930
  • A. Chabert, T.T. Luong, M. Promé