Engineering and Technology I

Title Page
Industrial Applications of Small Accelerators 1216
  • J.L. Duggan, I.L. Morgan
Highly Stabilized Power Supply for Spectrometer 1229
  • J.J. Gano
Precision Current Transductor for the Fermilab Booster Magnet Power Supply 1234
  • J. A. Dinkel, A.R. Donaldson
Design and Performance Aspects of a Precision High-Current Power Supply 1238
  • F. F. Cilyo
A 110 kA Rapid-Pulsing Power Supply 1242
  • R. Winje, K. Bourkland
A Multiple Flattop Control System for the Fermilab Main Accelerator Power Supplies 1247
  • R. Cassel
High Efficiency, CW, High Power Klystrons for Storage Ring Applications 1249
  • G.T. Konrad
TRIUMF RF System 1253
  • R.L. Poirier, M. Zach
RF Accelerating Voltage Control and Stabilzation in the TRIUMF Cyclotron 1257
  • R.H.M. Gummer
Digital Controlled Frequency for Synchrotron Acceleration 1261
  • M. Clinnick, J. Greer, J. Guggemos, R. Kilgore, D. Rondeau
The Radio Frequency System for the Indiana University Isochronous Separated Sector Cyclotron 1265
  • W.J. Hoffert, G. Donica, H. Herman, H.J. Varga
Design and Operation of the SPEAR II RF System 1269
  • M.A. Allen, R.A. Ecken, L. Genova, B.E. Humphrey, L.G. Karvonen, G.T. Konrad, J.V. Lebacqz, R.A. McConnell, C.W. Olson
A DC Chopper Used as an Adjustable Current Bypass Shunt 1273
  • M. Berndt, C. Guracar, J. Lipari
Transductors for Current Sensing in the Dipole and Quadrupole Magnet Circuits of the Fermilab Main Ring 1277
  • Q.A. Kerns
Off-Line Inverter Magnet Power Supply 1281
  • R. Grazier, R.M. Main, D.A. Spence
High Performance Magnet Power Supply Optimization 1285
  • L.T. Jackson
Megawatt HV DC Power Supplies 1289
  • G. Reinhold, R. Gleyvod
HV DC Injectors for Large Heavy-Ion Accelerators 1293
  • K. Truempy, R. Gleyvod, G. Reinhold
Dielectric Property Measurements on Large Alumina Vacuum Seals Used on Fermilab Accelerator RF Cavities 1296
  • J.F. Bridges, J.E. Griffin, D.E. Johnson
Recent Progress on Sled, The SLAC Energy Doubler 1299
  • Z.D. Farkas, H.A. Hogg, G.A. Loew, P.B. Wilson
A Wide Dynamic Range 10 MeV High Current Electron Linear Accelerator 1303
  • J. Haimson, B. Mecklenburg, V. Valencia
An Inexpensive Pulsed Power Supply for a Septum Magnet 1307
  • W.F. Praeg
Power Supply System for Beam Steering 1311
  • J.J. Gano
A Pulsed Extraction Magnet System at the Zero Gradient Synchrotron (ZGS) 1313
  • M. Knott, L. Lewis, C. Potts
A 230 kJ Pulsed Power Supply 1317
  • R. Winje
The 40 kA Dumping System for the ISR Beams 1321
  • J. C. Schnuriger
Status Report on Klystron Improvements 1324
  • J.V. Lebacqz
20 MeV S-Band Standing Waveguide 1328
  • K. Whitham
Evoution of the RF System of the CPS Booster Since the Beginning of Its Operation 1334
  • G. Gelato, L. Magnani, G. Nassibian, F. Pedersen, D. Zanaschi
Phase-Free Acceleration of Charged Particles Using Rectangular Drift Tube-Loaded Cavities 1337
  • W. Schott, H. Daniel, H. Hagn, W. Wilhelm, H. Zinner
Bates Linac Operational Experience 1341
  • C.P. Sargent, W. Turchinetz, J.N. Weaver
Comparison of Standing Wave Accelerators Operating in the 2/3 and /2 Modes 1343
  • S.O. Schriber
Nanosecond Electron Beam Generation and Instrumentation at SLAC 1350
  • R.F. Koontz, R.H. Miller
Recent Advances in High Voltage Electron Beam Injectors 1354
  • J. Haimson