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Keyword: thermal

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Hydrostatic Leveling System photoelectric, proton, radiation, synchrotron 19
  • P. F. Pellissier
Window Materials Design and Properties for Use in High Power Klystrons accelerator, dielectric, field, klystron 180
  • R. W. Bierce, W.R. Fowkes, J. H. Jasberg
Sulphur Hexafluoride - Its Properties and Use as a Gaseous Insulator in Van de Graaff Accelerators Van de Graaff, accelerator, dielectric, field 266
  • P. G. Ashbaugh, M. F. James, D. W. McAdam
Some Supermagnet Design Considerations accumulation, factory, field, superconducting magnet 362
  • T. H. Fields, C. Laverick
Stable Superconducting Coils field, solenoid 367
  • Z. J. J. Stekly, J. L. Zar
Control of Trim Coil Currents by Rheostat Bridges with Efficiencies above 80% cyclotron, neutron, radiation 425
  • J. R. Atwood, O. K. Fredriksson
Problems in the Design of Cryogenic Target Facilities for Electron Scattering Experiments electron, radiation, scattering, target 519
  • H. F. Kaiser
Effect of Nuclear Radiation on Magent Insulation in High-Energy Accelerators accelerator, irradiation, radiation, vacuum 683
  • H. Brechna
Transport Systems for High Intensity Beams electron, proton, radiation, shielding 846
  • R. E. Taylor
Water Cooled Beam Dumps and Collimators for the Stanford Linear Accelerator accelerator, electron, radiation, vacuum 867
  • D. Walz, E.L. Garwin, J. Jurow