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Keyword: ferrite

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Zero Gradient Synchrotron RF System cathode, field, induction, synchrotron 133
  • L. A. Klaisner, R. E. Daniels, J.H. Martin, J. McDonnell, J. R. Simanton, J. Stephenson, T. Stockdale, C. B. Turner, R. A. Winje, T. de Parry
A Proposed AGS Accelerating Cavity accelerator, impedance, injection, tune 148
  • M. Plotkin
Ferrite Measurements for Synchrotron RF Accelerating System Design accelerator, field, resonance, tune 185
  • Q.A. Kerns, J.E. Katz, G.S. Tool
A 40-Kilovolt, 125-Ampere Hard Tube Modulator for Accelerator Service cathode, field, focusing, modulator 205
  • R. W. Freyman
Engineering Design of the AGS Fast Beam Extraction System extraction, field, kicker, septum 882
  • E.B. Forsyth, C. Lasky