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Keyword: shielding

Title Other Keywords Page
General Description of the NRL Sector-Focusing Cyclotron Facility cyclotron, ion, optics, vacuum 508
  • R. O. Bondelid
Flexibility in Accelerator Engineering Housing accelerator, cyclotron, electron, site 535
  • I. Mackinlay
Induced Radioactivity and Remote Handling Methods for Accelerators accelerator, coupling, radioactivity, target 656
  • A. J. Gorka
Proposed Remote Handling Methods for a Modified AGS accelerator, feedback, maintenance, radiation 668
  • C. R. Flatau
Radiation Measurement Work at the Princeton-Pennsylvania Accelerator accelerator, neutron, radiation, synchrotron 708
  • M. Awschalom, F.L. Larsen
Shielding Doors accelerator, cyclotron, radiation, solenoid 712
  • L. R. Glasgow, J. M. Haughian
Transport Systems for High Intensity Beams electron, proton, radiation, thermal 846
  • R. E. Taylor
The Magnetic Shielding System for the Stanford Two-Mile Accelerator accelerator, disk-loaded waveguide, field, waveguide 929
  • W.B. Herrmannsfeldt