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Keyword: klystron

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Precision Phase Adjustment of a Linear Accelerator High Power Waveguide Feed Network accelerator, impedance, modulator, waveguide 39
  • R. Alvarez, R. Borghi, J. Weaver
Instrumentation and Controls for the Stanford Linear Accelerator accelerator, controls, instrumentation, radiation 44
  • L. H. Johnston
High Power Klystrons accelerator, field, focusing, gun 86
  • J. V. Lebacqz
A Comparison of Triodes and Klystrons for Particle Accelerator Applications accelerator, field, modulator, synchrotron 96
  • A. J. Morris, C. A. Martin-Vegue
Window Materials Design and Properties for Use in High Power Klystrons accelerator, dielectric, field, thermal 180
  • R. W. Bierce, W.R. Fowkes, J. H. Jasberg
High Power UHF Components for DESY acceleration, accelerator, vacuum, waveguide 208
  • G. Schaffer
Triodes and Klystrons at Ultra-High Frequency accelerator, electron, proton, vacuum 222
  • O. C. Lundstrom
Practical Operating Problems at the RPI Linac accelerator, linac, maintenance, waveguide 449
  • R. Krasse, R. Browne, R. Fullwood
Use of an Isochronus Cyclotron for Neutron Time-of-Flight Experimentation accelerator, bunching, cyclotron, neutron 512
  • H.A. Howe, M. Reiser, A. Svanheden
Microwave and Fast-Acting Valves and Vacuum Couplings for Accelerators accelerator, radiation, vacuum, waveguide 694
  • A. L. Eldredge, R. J. Allyn, M. Heinz, A. J. Keicher
The Stanford Two-Mile Linear Accelerator Vacuum System accelerator, field, vacuum, waveguide 699
  • S. R. Conviser