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Keyword: ferrite

Title Other Keywords Page
Status of KEKB Project coupling, field, synchrotron, tune 473
  • S. Kurokawa (KEK)
Xwake 1.0: A New Tool for Wakefield and Impedance Calculations accelerator, field, impedance, wakefield 1318
  • T. G. Jurgens, F. A. Harfoush, G. W. Saewert (FNAL)
Feedback Kickers in the DESY Rings feedback, field, impedance, kicker 1598
  • J. Rümmler (DESY)
Status on the SPring-8 Storage Ring RF System coupling, field, insertion, klystron 1865
  • H. Ego, M. Hara, Y. Kawashima, Y. Ohashi, T. Ohshima, H. Suzuki, I. Takeshita, N. Tani, H. Yonehara (JAERI-RIKEN SPring-8 Project Team, Hyogo)
Positron Accumulator Ring (PAR) RF System Design and Test accelerator, booster, bunching, feedback 1871
  • J. D. Stepp, J. F. Bridges (ANL)
Accelerating Station Alternative for MEB SSC Parameters accelerator, coupling, field, vacuum 1903
  • G. I. Batskikh, V. M Belugin, Yu. D. Ivanov, V. A. Konovalov, B. P. Murin, N. I. Uksusov (Moscow Radiotechnical Institute)
Broad-Band, Multi-Kilowatt, Vacuum, HOM Waveguide Loads for the PEP-II RF Cavity damping, dielectric, simulation, waveguide 2013
  • R. Pendleton, K. Ko, C. Ng, H. Schwarz (SLAC), J. Corlett, J. Johnson, R. Rimmer (LBNL)
Ferrite-Loaded Higher-Order-Mode Absorbers for the MIT-Bates South Hall Ring accelerator, dielectric, impedance, thermal 2016
  • M. S. de Jong, F. P. Adams, R. J. Bakewell, R. M. Hutcheon, G. F. Morin (Atomic Energy of Canada Limited, Chalk River, Ontario), P. T. Demos, A. Zolfaghari (MIT, Bates Linear Accelerator Center, Middleton, MA)
Development and Tests of a Superconducting Cavity for High Current Electron Storage Rings accelerator, impedance, travelling wave, waveguide 2048
  • H. Padamsee, P. Barnes, R. Chiang, R. Ehrlich, W. Hartung, T. Hays, A. Helser, J. Kirchgessner, D. Moffat, H. Muller, E. Nordberg, J. Sears, K. She, M. Tigner (Cornell University), W. Fox (LANL), G. Flynn (LURE), S. Belomesinekh, A. Trebendis, V. Veserevich (Novosibirsk)
Test Results on the SSC Low Energy Booster RF Cavity accelerator, booster, collider, dielectric 2104
  • P. Coleman (SSCL, Dallas, TX; now at Sandia National Lab., Albuquerque, NM), F. Brandeberry, J. Ferrell, T. Grimm, G. Hulsey, S. Kwiatkowski, V. Pacak, A. Propp, L. Taylor (SSCL, Dallas, TX)
Upgrading the RF Cavity for U-70 Accelerator booster, coupling, field, impedance 2110
  • O.P. Lebedev, V.A. Chubrik (IHEP, Protvino)
The Second Life of Ferrite Dominated Cavities booster, coupling, impedance, induction 2113
  • O.P. Lebedev (IHEP, Protvino)
Polycylindrical Resonators in the Accelerating Technique acceleration, accelerator, dielectric, impedance 2121
  • F. A. Vodopianov (Moscow Radiotechnical Institute)
A New Concept of a Higher-Order-Mode Damper for the KAON Booster Cavity accelerator, booster, coupling, impedance 2158
  • A. K. Mitra (TRIUMF, Vancouver, BC)
Selective Method of Maximum Current Increasing in Electron LINACS coupling, field, induction, resonance 2179
  • A. Zavadtsev (Moscow Radiotechnical Institute of RAS)
Effect of Saturating Ferrite on the Field in a Prototype Kicker Magnet cathode, field, impedance, kicker 2544
  • M. J. Barnes, G. D. Wait (TRIUMF, Vancouver, BC)
Transmission Line Analysis of Dielectric-Loaded Ferrite Kicker dielectric, impedance, injection, kicker 2550
  • H. Hahn, E. B. Forsyth (BNL)