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Keyword: cw

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Commissioning of CEBAF accelerator, commissioning, linac, recirculation 15
  • A. Hutton (CEBAF)
Achieving the TESLA Gradient of 25 MV/m in Muticell Structures at 1.3 GHz accelerator, field, klystron, thermal 37
  • C. Crawford (FNAL), T. Hays, J. Kirchgessner, H. Padamsee, P. Schmuser, M. Tigner (Cornell University), J. Graber, A. Matheissen, W. -D. Moller, M. Pekeler (DESY)
On-line Diagnoses of High Current-Density Beams accelerator, beamline, diagnostics, linac 273
  • J. D. Gilpatrick (LANL)
First Beam Test Results of the 10 MeV, 100 KW RHODOTRON electron, field, focusing, gun 527
  • Y. Jongen, M. Abs, D. Defrise, F. Genin (Ion Beam Applications S. A., Louvain-la-Neuve), J. M. Capdevila, O. Gal, A. Nguyen (CEA-DEIN Saclay)
Status of High Power CW Linac at PNC accelerator, chopper, electron, klystron 745
  • M. Nomura, T. Emoto, K. Hirano, A. Omura, H. Oshita, M. Sakuma, S. Tôyama, N. Takahashi, H. Takei, S. Tani, Y. L. Wang, Y. Yamazaki (Power Reactor and Nuclear Fuel Development Corp. (PNC) Ibaraki-ken), A. Enomoto, S. Ohsawa, I. Sato (KEK)
Two Section CW Electron Linac for Industrial Applications accelerator, cathode, electron, gun 766
  • A. Alimov, A. Chepurnov, O. Chubarov, D. Ermakov, K. Gudkov, B. Ishkhanov, I. Piskarev, A. Shumakov, V. Shvedunov (INP, Moscow State University)
Temporal and Spectral Stability of the Super-ACO Storage Ring Free Electron Laser Source feedback, laser, positron, spectrum 843
  • T. Hara, M. E. Couprie, L. Nahon (LURE, Orsay and CEA, Saclay, Gif-sur-Yvette), A. Delboulbé, D. Garzella (LURE), M. Billardon (LURE, Orsay and ESPCI, Paris)
Optical Properties of the Rhodotron Bending Magnets acceleration, electron, field, optics 1048
  • O. Gal, J. -M. Capdevila, A. Nguyen (CEA-LETI-DEIN, CEN-Saclay, Gif-sur-Yvette), M. Abs, F. Genin, Y. Jongen (Ion Beam Applications S. A., Louvain-la-Neuve)
Project of CW Photoinjector for the High Power Free Electron Laser electron, laser, photoinjector, vacuum 1477
  • N. G. Gavrilov, A. D. Oreshkov, I. V. Pinayev, A. S. Sokolov, A. V. Tulubensky, N. A. Vinokurov (INP, Novosibirsk)
The RF System for the LNLS Synchrotron Light Source booster, coupling, klystron, synchrotron 1868
  • D. Wisnivesky (LNLS, Campinas, Brazil and also at Inst. de Física "Gleb Wataghin", Unicam), O. R. Bagnato, H. Kuniyoshi, M. A. Remy (LNLS, Campinas)
Performance of the MIT-Bates South Hall Ring 2856 MHz CW RF Cavity System accelerator, commissioning, coupling, feedback 1888
  • M. S. de Jong, S. T. Craig (Atomic Energy of Canada Limited, Chalk River, Ontario), B. Binns, P.T. Demos, D. Wang (MIT-Bates)
Progress in High Power Klystron Manufacturing at EEV bunching, impedance, klystron, waveguide 1906
  • C. N. O'Laughlin, G. D. White, D. M. Wilcox (EEV Ltd., Essex)
A New Generation of Solid State Amplifiers for Accelerators controls, field, ion, linac 1909
  • G. Hutter, W. Gutowski, W. Hartmann (GSI Darmstadt), E. Gerards, U. Hansen, N. Hartwich (Dressler Hochfrequenztechnik GmbH, Stolberg)
Magnicon - High Power RF Source for TESLA cathode, electron, field, solenoid 1924
  • O. Nezhevenko, E. Kozyrev, I. Makarov, B. Persov, M. Tiunov, V. Yakovlev, I. Zapryagaev (INP, Novosibirsk)
The High-voltage Interface for the LEP 2 RF Power Generation System cathode, klystron, modulator, waveguide 1939
  • H. Frischholz, G. Pecheur (CERN)
Beam Phasing of Autoscillating Systems acceleration, accelerator, electron, feedback 1969
  • O. Chubarov, D. Ermakov, V. Shvedunov (INP, Moscow State University)
Thermal Tests of HOM Couplers for Superconducting Cavities coupling, field, quench, thermal 2007
  • S. Chel, A. Mosnier (CEA DSM/DAPNIA/SEA, Gif-sur-Yvette), M. Fouaidy, T. Junquera (IPN (CNRS-IN2P3), Orsay)