EPAC1994 Keywords
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Keyword: superconductivity

Title Other Keywords Page
Technology Tranfer at CERN background, focusing, instrumentation, software 339
  • O. Barbalat (CERN)
Status and Applications of Superconducting Cavities accelerator, electron, field, thermal 385
  • B. Bonin (CEA)
Thermal Loss Analysis of Cryostats and Accessories for the Superconducting Cavities of the LEP Energy Upgrade extraction, solenoid, thermal, vacuum 2455
  • M. Barranco-Luque, D. Güsewell (CERN)
Industrial Production of Accelerator Components at CERCA(F) accelerator, cryomodule 2597
  • P. Maccioni, C. Bianchi, J. L. Boutes (CERCA, Romans sur Isére)